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Why do we…

You might ask why we don’t have the standard “static” front page on our website; the kind that launches right into who we are, what we do, and why you should select us over our competitors.  The simple answer is because we showcase our customers and in turn showcase who we are.  We are customer centric.  What we can do for you is made evident in what we have done for those before you.  There is no better way to show you.  So, take a look at front page postings, and head over to “Authors & Friends”.  If you’re interesting in our printing or promotional items and services, then click over to the “PRINTING” and “PROMOTIONAL” links.  if you want to get to know us just a little better, click on “About Us” and before you leave, kindly hit the “Contact Us” button and let’s set a time to speak.  Who we are isn’t about the services; rather it’s about the personal interaction with our clients for the services they need.  Thank you for visiting.  We would love the opportunity to work with you.


…true stories of actual happenings in the lives of real people and real hotels of New Orleans written by a man that actually lived them. Fact is stranger than fiction as shown by these stories from behind the scenes.

Once upon a time a noted author wrote a fairy tale about hotels that became a bestselling novel. It continued on as a movie and finally a successful television series. I would be the last to question Alex Haley’s research, but he simply did not live the life. This book is no fairy tale. It is written by a bartender that lived the life and knew the people. The managers were not all brilliant or considerate. In fact, many could be referred to as downright rude and not all that bright. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it and living it to get the material. I would not trade anything on earth for the experience. – Mike Addison

another South Texas Print Guy author, available May 2013.

New Author Coming Online

In the coming weeks, look for another new author from South Texas Print Guy. Will Williams is in the final days of editing; almost ready for printing. Speaking of “final days”, this is an exciting read that’s sure to leave you with more questions than answers about some very powerful topics. We’ll update you here as soon as our production run has finished and let you know where you can get your copy. Congratulations Willie. We’re excited for you!

A South Texas Print Guy Introduction

South Texas Print Guy is a San Antonio based publishing/consulting firm that specializes in short-run production of soft cover and hard cover books.  We offer detailed services, local support, and affordable pricing; all things necessary to your success in having your book published.  Whether you already have a “print ready” file or need assistance in layout, design, editing, proofing or any other service, South Texas Print Guy is ready and able to help.  We provide you the level of assistance you need to get your project started and completed. We also offer specialized hardware solutions including niche printers and binding systems.