…true stories of actual happenings in the lives of real people and real hotels of New Orleans written by a man that actually lived them. Fact is stranger than fiction as shown by these stories from behind the scenes.

Once upon a time a noted author wrote a fairy tale about hotels that became a bestselling novel. It continued on as a movie and finally a successful television series. I would be the last to question Alex Haley’s research, but he simply did not live the life. This book is no fairy tale. It is written by a bartender that lived the life and knew the people. The managers were not all brilliant or considerate. In fact, many could be referred to as downright rude and not all that bright. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it and living it to get the material. I would not trade anything on earth for the experience. – Mike Addison

another South Texas Print Guy author, available May 2013.

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