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Candice Daquin (part 2)

We are working on two new books for author and poet, Candice Daquin. “The bright day has gone child and you are in for the dark” and “Illusions of Existing” are two new poetic works that we hope to have ready by the first of the year. Candice has seen sales both domestically and internationally through Amazon; and is exciting to add these new works to be available soon. We’ll notify you of a release date as soon as we have one.

Busy times at STPG Press

Although it has been a while since my last update, we have been busy finishing projects and getting new ones started.

First, “The Big Forest”, by Lena “Marina” Garcia has been completed. We’ll make a separate update on that later. The softcover is available immediately through Marina or by contacting me. Candice Daquin, author and poet of “A Jar for the Jarring” is fast at work finalizing content for her next two volumes of her poetic works. Also, we are in production with Connecticut author, Stacy Enyeart, who has written her latest book, “Baby Boomers…in a nutsell”. Stacy is new to STPG Press, having previously used other publishers for her earlier books. We are pleased to have Stacy working with us and we are excited for the completion of this next installment.

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Why do we…

You might ask why we don’t have the standard “static” front page on our website; the kind that launches right into who we are, what we do, and why you should select us over our competitors.  The simple answer is because we showcase our customers and in turn showcase who we are.  We are customer centric.  What we can do for you is made evident in what we have done for those before you.  There is no better way to show you.  So, take a look at front page postings, and head over to “Authors & Friends”.  If you’re interesting in our printing or promotional items and services, then click over to the “PRINTING” and “PROMOTIONAL” links.  if you want to get to know us just a little better, click on “About Us” and before you leave, kindly hit the “Contact Us” button and let’s set a time to speak.  Who we are isn’t about the services; rather it’s about the personal interaction with our clients for the services they need.  Thank you for visiting.  We would love the opportunity to work with you.

The Big Forest – Garcia

We are about to launch the 2nd book by Lena “Marina” Garcia, titled “The Big Forest”. Come and join Eugene and his two best friends, Jimmy Bells and Trey, in their summertime fun and adventures in the old clapboard house neighborhood. Find out what happens when the boys try to smoke out the would be wild animals from their playground they called “The Big Forest”; leaving Eugene to face the consequences alone.

Marina is excited to get this book into the market and has already started the edits for 2 more books, coming out later this year. Thanks, Marina, for choosing South Texas Print Guy and STPG Press as your publisher.

A Jar for the Jarring – Candice Daquin

Folks, welcome Candice Daquin to the world of published authors with her first release, “A Jar for the Jarring”; a book of poetry.   Candice was born in France, into an extremely creative family and later moved to England.  While young, she studied film, art, dance, acting, and writing.  After traveling and experiencing cultures from many countries, she has now settled in America.  She continues to pursue her love of the arts, including poetry.  Stay tuned for ways to purchase, “A Jar for the Jarring”.  Feel free to inquire here.  Congratulations Candice!

I, Alone – Ari Priakos

61tx5w4R5ULWe are excited to announce that Ari Priakos, author of “The Reference Point” has released his latest publication; “I, Alone – Mastering Life’s 7 Principles”.  In “I, Alone”, Ari uses his own life experiences of success and failure to teach you how to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  “I, Alone” is packed with nuggets of wisdom of the little things you can do to make dramatic changes in your life immediately.  Ari is on the public speaking circuit, offering motivation and life changing seminars all across the US.  Congratulations Ari.  We wish you well.

ISBN: 978-1-941174-05-0

Bob LeJeune – Mardi Gras Update

When folks think small town history books don’t sell well; I’m not sure what they’re doing wrong.  Bob LeJeune is back again with another order of soft-cover and hard-cover books loaded up and ready to head to Louisiana.  His book, “From Pointe-aux-Loup through Cartville to Iota” has been a great success in and around the area of his home town.  It’s a well thought out story; with plenty of photos and very well researched.  It’s like reading about a slice of life rather than boring facts and figures.  Here’s to Bob’s continued success.  He’ll be headed to Mardi Gras soon with the intentions of selling out, again!

Bob will be beginning his 2nd book soon; which will make a great companion to his first book.  Thanks for choosing South Texas Print Guy and STPG Press,  Bob!

The Spiders Christmas, Marina Garcia

Mrs. Garcia contacted me about two months ago with a story she had written years ago, but never published.  We discussed her needs and wants and came up with a game plan.  Not only is she the author of The Spiders Christmas, but also the artist and illustrator as well.  Tomorrow, we’ll be shipping the first order of books to Mrs. Garcia, just in time for the holiday shopping season!  Through constant communication and immediate feedback, Mrs. Garcia story has come to life, a story about a spider family who only wanted to know what celebrating Christmas was like.  Congratulations, Mrs. Garcia on the successful publication of your first book.  Folks, stay tuned because we’ve got several more titles from Mrs. Garcia in the works!

Ms. Ethel Martin, Family History Writer

Family histories are always fun.  Maybe it’s the curious nature we have, but when I work with a Family history client, I get the opportunity to peek in and learn something about them.  About a month ago, Ms. Martin came to me for a sit-down meeting to discuss publishing her family history, the Riff Family.  After a brief conversation of what we could do, how we would go about it, and why we would do those things, we had a client walking out the door.  Yesterday, I delivered the final copies of The Riff Family Genealogy – From France to Texas.  Thank you for being a client and allowing us to help you record and preserve your family history for generations to come.

Bob LeJeune – Update (SUCCESS)

As  you read below, we did a book on the History of the Iota Parish, Louisiana; the hometown of Bob LeJeune.  He visited his hometown and surrounding areas over the week leading up to Mardi Gras and it was a huge success.  He took his initial 200 book order with him and returned with nothing.  We have our first reprint order completed as he made another road trip to finish up where he left off.  On tap for Bob is a hardcover special edition and a revised 2nd edition of the first book.  Congratulations Bob!