Bob LeJeune – Mardi Gras Update

When folks think small town history books don’t sell well; I’m not sure what they’re doing wrong.  Bob LeJeune is back again with another order of soft-cover and hard-cover books loaded up and ready to head to Louisiana.  His book, “From Pointe-aux-Loup through Cartville to Iota” has been a great success in and around the area of his home town.  It’s a well thought out story; with plenty of photos and very well researched.  It’s like reading about a slice of life rather than boring facts and figures.  Here’s to Bob’s continued success.  He’ll be headed to Mardi Gras soon with the intentions of selling out, again!

Bob will be beginning his 2nd book soon; which will make a great companion to his first book.  Thanks for choosing South Texas Print Guy and STPG Press,  Bob!

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